Friday, January 19, 2007

Here's "Andrea"!

Here's the official press release I'm sending out about the show. More details to follow!


Contact: Allison Landa

2214 ½ Grant St.

Berkeley, CA 94703

(510) 654-6512 – home office

(510) 588-6943 – mobile

Think Your Roommate’s a Nightmare? Meet ‘Andrea’

Berkeley, CA – January 18, 2007 – She’ll make a key for you. But if you bring friends over, make sure they don’t steal nothin’.

Allison Landa decided not to rent the room. But she’s re-enacting her meeting with a frightening potential roommate – and this time, you’re invited. Landa will perform her solo show “Andrea” at New York City’s FRIGID Fest from March 11-18, 2007.

“Andrea” is based on Landa’s six-month teaching stint in a small town an hour outside of Prague. “I did more learning than teaching,” she recalls in her show. “I learned that I wasn’t a small-town girl. And I learned that I wasn’t a teacher. Obviously, things were going to have to change.”

That hope for change materialized in the form of Andrea, whose Prague apartment just happened to have an empty bedroom. Furnished, even. But the deal wasn’t so sweet.

“She represented everything I feared at the time,” Landa recalls. “She was lonely, angry, a substance abuser, a McDonald’s addict. She hated the world and everything in it. And at the time, I was starting to feel the same way.”

She declined Andrea’s offer and rode out the teaching gig. Then she came home to the San Francisco Bay Area and began to build a life she could love – a Masters degree in fiction, a career as a freelance writer and editor, and a relationship with a nice Jewish boy she met almost immediately after coming home from Europe.

“Maybe I should thank Andrea,” Landa says. “Who knows?”

She may actually get the chance. Two months after the FRIGID Fest comes to a close, Landa will bring “Andrea” to the Prague Fringe Festival. “If she shows up,” Landa says, “I’ll make sure she gets in for free.”

For more information about “Andrea”, call Allison Landa at (510) 654-6512 or visit the show’s homepage at To learn more about Allison Landa, visit For more information on the FRIGID Fest, visit

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