Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fond FRIGID memories

ANDREA will be picking up again at The Marsh in July. I'll also be back in New York in June for Speakeasy Stories. For now, check out my new blog!

A big, big thanks to everyone who came out to see the show! Those people include:

- Jeff Trocio
- Zach
- JoAnna Rodriguez
- Sherry Weaver
- My dad
- My boyfriend (now fiance, as of the Saturday-night show), Adam.

I was very grateful to be able to share my work with you all. I look forward to doing it again!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Back in Berkeley

The last show went great. Sherry Weaver of Speakeasy Stories turned up -- and booked me for June!

A week on the NYC stage, a booking for spring ... and an engagement. What a wonderful, wonderful week. Thank you, FRIGID, and thank you, NYC.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Second to last performance ... with a twist!

The show was AWESOME tonight. I riffed a lot and it felt good.

Then I finished the show and was giving my little spiel when Adam came out from the audience and got down on one knee. Out came the ring.

I said yes.

By the way ... last performance is tomorrow, 1 pm!

Let's hear it for Costco rings. :) We're very, very, very happy.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Upcoming Costa Rica workshop!

For those of you who have ever wanted to improve your writing in a tropical climate (and who hasn't?), may I suggest this: Costa Rica!

Okay, there's a fair bit of self-interest here. After all, I'm teaching a workshop there in December 2007. But please, give it a look.

In December 2006, I was a resident at the Julia and David White Artists' Colony, where I met Royce Slape. Royce is kicking ass putting this thing together. Yes, please do have a look!

A few things ...

- Very sad to hear about the Greenwich Village shooting. I was in the East Village at the time, didn't hear anything until today when (1) I heard some cops talking about it on the subway platform ("Lotta crazy shit in this world, ya gotta be careful, keep your head up.") and (2) my mother emailed me. So sad.

- Had some great Ukranian food last night. How appropriate, since the show is set in Eastern Europe (though it's Central Europe, if you ask Czechs).

- Now at the Tea Lounge in Park Slope. Makes me want to move here!

- Am I the only person who can go to Williamsburg and not find a hipster?

Hope to see people come out tomorrow!

Third performance

Five people, sweet audience. Thanks for coming out, everyone.

Tomorrow is a well-deserved break. Then things pick back up on Friday, 10:30 pm! Can't wait!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Nine people last night!

I feel like I got a great crowd ... especially given the fact that it was a school night! Keep on coming!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

ANDREA review

Check it out here! I really appreciate Frank Anthony Polito's generous and honest assessment.

The show continues through Sunday, March 18.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Opening night was fantastic!

I want to thank everyone at FRIGID central -- you guys are so relaxed (and at the same time, so hardworking!) and down-to-earth ... you made it so easy for me. Justin, tech god, you're a doll, and Morgan, thanks for the kind words before I took the stage!

Five more performances ... but the hard one's over and now the real fun begins!

ANDREA debuts tonight!

I'm sitting at the Yaffa Cafe across from Under St. Marks. Tech time starts in 20 minutes. The show starts at 6. I can't wait!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

In Las Vegas!

Free wifi at the airport ROCKS!

Can't wait to take the stage tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Is bad art fraudulent art?

Time Out New York's David Cote on that subject.

"Art" is a huge word. Does it connote that something is of high quality -- or, for that matter, of any quality? My cat can call himself an artist. What does that word even mean?

The suck of it all is that someone can put their heart and soul into a performance, a book, a painting -- and it can still, well, suck.

Hence comes talent.

Talent comes from that place that's indefinable. It can be honed, for sure, but I really think it's there or not. It's pretty unfair, but it's (to my subjective mind) a fact.

So who are the frauds? Totally another post altogether.

I work my ass off to make a good show. I want people to applaud because they feel it, not out of politesse. That's part of why I'm looking forward to having a New York audience. San Francisco audiences are very kind -- almost too much so. It's hard to gauge how you're doing, because they want to like you, and they want you to feel good, and somehow the truth gets a little muddled.

I'm not looking for tomatoes to be tossed at my head, but if I'm a fraud, please, call me on it.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Free and discounted ANDREA tickets

Interested members of the media: Please contact me if you're interested in attending/reviewing ANDREA. I'm happy to provide comps at the door.

If you're a member of the general public interested in discounts, please contact me.

Friday, March 2, 2007

A little more than a week!

I'm so excited about making my NYC stage debut. If you'd told me when I was pacing around Prague, freaked out, that I was going to do this ... I may just have believed it.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

A great event-listing site: Upcoming. Check out the ANDREA listings -- and other FRIGID events!

T minus less than two weeks!